Mayotte, Africa Stats, Facts, Data and Information

  • Country Name: Mayotte
  • Country Code: YT
  • Continent: Africa (AF)
  • Timezone: Indian/Mayotte
  • Latitude: -12.83333
  • Longitude: 45.16667
  • Elevation (GTOPO30): 140
  • Population: 159,042
  • Country ISO3: MYT
  • Country ISO#: 175
  • Country FIPS Code: MF
  • Country Capital: Mamoudzou
  • Country Area: 374 sqkm.
  • Country TLD: .yt
  • Country Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Country Phone Prefix: 262
  • Country Postal Code Format: #####
  • Country Postal Regex: ^(\d{5})$
  • Country Languages: fr-YT

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Alternate Names for Mayotte

Collectivite Territoriale de Mayotte, Collectivité Territoriale de Mayotte, Departement Mayotte, Maeyote, Magiot, Maiota, Maiotta, Maiòta, Majot, Majota, Majotas, Majote, Majoto, Majott, Majotta, Majotte, Mayoot, Mayot, Mayote, Mayoti, Mayotta, Mayotte, Mayotte nutome, Mayotte'as, Mayotte’as, Mayoty, Mayotɛ, Mayôty, Mayɔte, Meioti, Mejot, Mäyôte, Orileede Mayote, Orílẹ́ède Mayote, Vostrau Majota, i-Mayotte, ma yue te, ma yxt, maiyata, mayeatt, mayot, mayota, mayote, mayoteu, mayoti, mayotta, mayotte, mayotti, mayotto, mayotto dao, maywt, meyota, mywt, Μαγιότ, Востраў Маёта, Майот, Майотт, Майотта, Мајот, Мајоте, Мейот, מאיוט, מיוט, مايوت, مایوت, مایوٹ, मायोट्ट, मायोट्टे, मायोत, मेयोट, मैयट, মায়োটি, মায়োত, মায়োত্তে, મેયોટ, ମାୟୋଟେ, மயோட்டே, மயோத், మాయొట్టి, ಮಯೊಟ್ಟೆ, മയോട്ട്, มายอต, ມາຢອດ, მაიოტა, ሜይኦቴ, マヨット, マヨット島, 马约特, 마요트, 마요티

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