South Sudan, Africa Stats, Facts, Data and Information

  • Country Name: South Sudan
  • Country Code: SS
  • Continent: Africa (AF)
  • Timezone: Africa/Juba
  • Latitude: 7.5
  • Longitude: 30
  • Elevation (GTOPO30): 395
  • Population: 8,260,490
  • Country ISO3: SSD
  • Country ISO#: 728
  • Country FIPS Code: OD
  • Country Capital: Juba
  • Country Area: 644,329 sqkm.
  • Country Currency: Pound (SSP)
  • Country Phone Prefix: 211
  • Country Languages: en
  • Neighboring Countries: CD, CF, ET, KE, SD, UG,

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Alternate Names for South Sudan

Etelae-Sudan, Etelä-Sudan, Juzhnyj Sudan, Louna-Sudaan, Louna-Sudaani Vabariik, Lõuna-Sudaan, Lõuna-Sudaani Vabariik, Pivdennij Sudan, Republic of South Sudan, Republica de Sudan del Sur, Republica do Sudao do Sul, Republiken Sydsudan, Republikken Sor-Sudan, Republikken Sør-Sudan, República de Sudán del Sur, República do Sudão do Sul, Sor-Sudan, Soudan du Sud, South Sudan, Sud-Soudan, Sudan Poludniowy, Sudan Południowy, Sudan del Sud, Sudan del Sur, Sudao do Sul, Sudur-Sudan, Sudán del Sur, Sudão do Sul, Suedsudan, Suður-Súdan, Sydsudan, Sør-Sudan, Südsudan, Південний Судан, Южный Судан

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