Mohafazat Aakâr, Lebanon Stats, Facts, Data and Information

  • State (or equiv.) Name: Mohafazat Aakâr
  • Place Code: 10
  • Continent: Asia (AS)
  • Country: Lebanon (LB)
  • Timezone: Asia/Beirut
  • Latitude: 34.53333
  • Longitude: 36.16667
  • Elevation (GTOPO30): 489

Mohafazat Aakâr, Lebanon Additional Information

Mohafazat Aakâr, Lebanon Map

Alternate Names for Mohafazat Aakâr

Aakkar, Aakkâr, Mohafazat Aakar, Mohafazat Aakâr, Muhafazat `Akar, Muḩāfaz̧at ‘Akār, محافظة عكار

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