Los Angeles, California’s Days Get Shorter As the Sunset Times Trend Earlier

After about five weeks of June gloom, summer appears to be finally be upon us in Los Angeles. Temperatures in the beach cities hit the low-80s this weekend, and forecasts predict a week of sun and hot weather.

There has been a shift, too, in the time of the sunset. While we’ve been losing about a minute of daylight every two sunrises for the last few weeks, the sunset time in Los Angeles has held steady at 8:07 PM for weeks. Sadly for those of us with full-time jobs, it’s about to arrival time is about to speed up dramatically.

July 23 is set to be the last date that 8:00 PM PST will see daylight in Los Angeles, and by the end of the month the sunset will be finished and Green Flash over with by 7:54 PM.

So Los Angelans, be sure to take advantage of sparse late afternoon traffic heading towards Venice, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and Malibu over the next couple weeks and grab your camera and get to the beach to catch the sunset.

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