Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Cliff of Golden Rays
    Cliff of Golden R.. 
    Cliff of Golden Rays
    On Top of the Cliff of Sunshine.
  • Foggy Sunrise on the Guadalupe
    Foggy Sunrise on .. 
    Foggy Sunrise on the Guadalupe
    Taken at sunrise on the Guadalupe River just north of Boerne, Texas. It was a foggy morning. The sun rays are coming thru the fog at sunrise.
  • Water View
    Water View 
    Water View
    Anyone who sits in one of those chairs for more than a minute or two will be able to witness mullet as they gleefully jump out of the water. The distant call of a seagull will eventually be heard and a wandering pelican or blue heron just might show up unannounced.
  • Dreams fly at sunset
    Dreams fly at sun.. 
    Dreams fly at sunset
    Digital Painting created in Adobe Photoshop.
  • light of the sunset sky
    light of the suns.. 
    light of the sunset sky
    People walk on the beach in the evening is so relax with sunset and saw changed sky .you will never gotgot it
  • Ireland in Autumn
    Ireland in Autumn 
    Ireland in Autumn
    From August of 2011, along the world famous promenade along the majestic west coast of the beautiful beaches in Lahinch, Ireland
  • Malaysian Red Sunset
    Malaysian Red Sun.. 
    Malaysian Red Sunset
    This image is captured at Malaysian Beach
  • Boothbay Sunrise
    Boothbay Sunrise 
    Boothbay Sunrise
    This image was taken in Bootbay Harbor maine at sunrise in mid October.
  • Beautiful Sunrise
    Beautiful Sunrise 
    Beautiful Sunrise
    What an amazing red sky sunrise
  • Tree Grove
    Tree Grove 
    Tree Grove
    The name of the town escapes me, but it's near Monroe, OR.
  • The golden sunset of the Manila Bay
    The golden sunset.. 
    The golden sunset of the Manila Bay
    The Sunset of the Manila Bay. Manila Bay is one of the finest natural harbors in the world which serves the port of Manila (on Luzon), in the Philippines.
  • Skylines
    Power lines and a crane divide the sunset-lit sky into geometric sections
  • Freshness
    forest, trees, nature, rays and sun filled my heart that morning at the schoolground
  • Sundown over Marina del Rey
    Sundown over Mari.. 
    Sundown over Marina del Rey
    The sun about to disappear behind the sea at the beach in Marina del Rey, CA
  • wonderful  golden sky
    wonderful golden.. 
    wonderful golden sky
    Sunset at Krabi Thailand is so wonderful .Also golden sky when the sun go down
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