Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Baja Sunrise
    Baja Sunrise 
    Baja Sunrise
    the sun peaked over the horizon and sent shafts of light across the Gulf of Cortes with cactus in silhouette.
  • Dark Gothic Set
    Dark Gothic Set 
    Dark Gothic Set
    Dark and ominous sunset towards the end with the clouds closing in.
  • Blue Mountains, three sisters sunrise
    Blue Mountains, t.. 
    Blue Mountains, three sisters sunrise
    Photo of the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains at sunrise in New South Wales. Taken in March 2012. There is fog in the valley.
  • Kuala Lumpur Cityscape Sunset
    Kuala Lumpur City.. 
    Kuala Lumpur Cityscape Sunset
    Sunset of Petronas Twin Tower, the tallest building in Malaysia.
  • Yasuni Evening
    Yasuni Evening 
    Yasuni Evening
    The peaceful Napo river flows through the Yasuni National Park into the mighty Amazon River.
  • Beach dogs with sunrise
    Beach dogs with s.. 
    Beach dogs with sunrise
    Two dogs walking on the beach at Samui island Surat Thani Thailand
  • Oxford Circle
    Oxford Circle 
    Oxford Circle
    I would like to thank England for introducing me to circles. Before I had only known squares.
  • Wow that sunset
    Wow that sunset  
    Wow that sunset
    Taken in the lovely place of Weymouth.
  • Watery colors
    Watery colors 
    Watery colors
    Sunset near the Ocean Beach pier as tide rolls in.
  • Siquijor Sunrise
    Siquijor Sunrise 
    Siquijor Sunrise
    Siquijor Island, Philippines. 32-bit HDR, Photomatix, Photoshop
  • power grid sunset
    power grid sunset 
    power grid sunset
    as one fades the other lightens up the world
  • Twim Beams
    Twim Beams 
    Twim Beams
    This image taken from a mountain side overlooking a valley in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
  • Newport Beach Pier
    Newport Beach Pier 
    Newport Beach Pier
    A wonderful and colorful view of the Newport Beach pier with spectacular clouds and dramatic artful feel
  • Whitehaven Chimney Fire
    Whitehaven Chimne.. 
    Whitehaven Chimney Fire
    Whitehaven\'s landmark chimney in silhouette with a wonderful fire red sky during a north west coast sunset,taken in Whitehaven Cumbria UK
  • Sailor\'s Warning
    Sailor\'s Warning 
    Sailor\'s Warning
    Catching the sunrise on unusually red morning, caught a picture of a fishing boat just as it crossed the sun
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