Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Harbor of Peace
    Harbor of Peace 
    Harbor of Peace
    This photo is taken in the beautiful city of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. The harbor is located in the Downtown of Victoria. The weather was gorgeous on that day. Just a few minutes after the sunset, the sky turned deep blue. There were also nice reflection of yachts and buildings. The silky feeling water creates a peaceful mood.
  • Warmth of Ethiopia
    Warmth of Ethiopia 
    Warmth of Ethiopia
    Taken from the Mountain View Hotel in Lalibela, this photo conveys the warmth of the Ethiopia, its people, its culture, and its environment. Though the lands appear barren, they are full of life and nourishment thanks to the the sun\'s radiant glow
  • Waves and Rays
    Waves and Rays 
    Waves and Rays
    2011. Sun begins to set and hides behind Cliff of White Point Park.
  • Breña
    Shot over my pond. It was kinda hard getting the colors vivid without getting to dark or to light
  • Sunset@ Werribee
    Sunset@ Werribee  
    Sunset@ Werribee
    Sunset @ Werribee, Australia
  • Aloha Love
    Aloha Love 
    Aloha Love
    Driving along the highway in Hawaii, thought it was amazing how the sun seemed to be cut in half and glowing..
  • Beautiful Sunset!
    Beautiful Sunset! 
  • KAUST Harbor Sunset
    KAUST Harbor Sunset 
    KAUST Harbor Sunset
    Taken at the KAUST harbor, Thuwal in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. HDR 3 exposure, Photomatix, Photoshop.
  • The Birds of Ochrid
    The Birds of Ochrid 
    The Birds of Ochrid
    An amazing end to an amazing day in the city of Ochrid in Macedonia - on my mission to find Alexander the Great.
  • Mallorcan Sunset with Lens Flare
    Mallorcan Sunset .. 
    Mallorcan Sunset with Lens Flare
    Typical Mallorcan building and palm silhouetted against setting sun with natural foreground lens flare.
  • Ciel violine
    Ciel violine 
    Ciel violine
    To Thuir, in the south of France, in november.
  • Far away
    Far away 
    Far away
    Far away, near russian border
  • sunset
  • Mandala Sunset
    Mandala Sunset 
  • Bright Orange Beach Sunset
    Bright Orange Bea.. 
    Bright Orange Beach Sunset
    Beautiful bright orange sunset taken on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia
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