Random Sunset and Sunrise Photos

  • Sunset in Cartagena-Colombia
    Sunset in Cartage.. 
    Sunset in Cartagena-Colombia
    This little children crossed mi camera, and fell that moment is one of the most realxing moments in my life, so I shot the picture. Please enjoy the image.
  • Sun Rays breaking through cloud Torry Pine Sunset
    Sun Rays breaking.. 
    Sun Rays breaking through cloud Torry Pine Sunset
    This photo was taken from a cliff at Torry Pines, CA. A lone person was taking a stroll on the beach. The waves were breaking and the yellow sun rays were breaking through the cloudscape in all directions. Tone of the rays was illuminating the person taking a stroll.
  • North West Sunset
    North West Sunset 
    North West Sunset
    A beautiful deep North West Sunset with Landmark Chimney in Silhouette complete with seagulls flying into the distance, a scene of tranquillity and harmony in nature. Taken at Whitehaven Cumbria UK
  • Beautiful sunset on the shores of Lake Erie
    Beautiful sunset .. 
    Beautiful sunset on the shores of Lake Erie
    Beautiful sunset at Lake Erie, calm waters and red sky, perfect. Taken at Maumee Bay resort in Ohio
  • Fiery sky
    Fiery sky 
    Fiery sky
    A fiery sky as the sun sets
  • Wild Pony
    Wild Pony  
    Wild Pony
    wild dartmoor pony grazing at sunset on Dartmoor, UK
  • Lake Chillin
    Lake Chillin 
  • Beautiful Sunset, along the Irish Coast
    Beautiful Sunset,.. 
    Beautiful Sunset, along the Irish Coast
    From August of 2011, along the world famous promenade along the majestic west coast of the beautiful beaches in Lahinch, Ireland
  • Heavenly Cloud Sunset
    Heavenly Cloud Su.. 
    Heavenly Cloud Sunset
    Peaceful And Heavenly Clouds Above A Vibrant Sunset Displaying An Array Of mystifying Colors.
  • The Milky Way Galaxy From Above
    The Milky Way Gal.. 
    The Milky Way Galaxy From Above
    An artist's impressions by NASA and Caltech of how the Milky Way Galaxy would appear from above. It is believed there are two main spiral arms starting from opposite ends of the central bar you see here. Our sun lies in the Orion Spur, just below the center of the image.
  • Sailboat in the sunset
    Sailboat in the s.. 
    Sailboat in the sunset
    Golden sunset off Hawaiian coast
  • Beach
  • Hazy Orange Goa Sunset
    Hazy Orange Goa S.. 
    Hazy Orange Goa Sunset
    This picturesque and exotic locale on the sparkling Arabian Sea was breathtaking at sunset. Of all the places I've been, these sunsets were certainly among the most memorable.
  • beyond the sun
    beyond the sun 
    beyond the sun
    Shenzhen centre at sun set As the sun drops behind the buildings, the buildings become a silhouette ,\r\n
  • Sunset behind Bali Hai
    Sunset behind Bal.. 
    Sunset behind Bali Hai
    The sun sets behind Makana Ridge, otherwise known as Bali Hai, as seen across Hanalei Bay from Princeville on the north shore of the island of Kauai, Hawaii
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